RepRepublic Bank & Trust Company is one of Leadership Kentucky’s long time donors, making its first contribution in 2003. They continue to be a generous annual supporter of our programs and a leader in our corporate contributions. Founded in 1982 in Louisville, Republic Bank & Trust Company currently has 40 banking centers in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Florida. Today, Republic employs more than 800 people and is the largest community bank in Kentucky.

Republic’s Chairman and CEO, Steve Trager, talks about the philanthropical philosophy that he has for the company, “We believe that it is important for everyone to make a difference in the communities where they live – not just a few wealthy individuals, or corporations, but everyone. The gifts of your time and talents are often the most valuable ways we can engage and support causes we truly believe in.

So while we at Republic often support our communities with financial donations, it’s not unusual to see our associates engaged in a variety of personal, feet-on-the-ground efforts in a show of support. How we each give, in our own way, can make life better for a neighborhood, an organization, a city, a state – everyone.”